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Today, Sam Smith did this really cool thing where he released the music video for his song I’m Not The Only One”. It’s a star-studded video with Dianna Agron (Glee, I Am Number Four, The Family) playing a cheated-on wife, and Chris Messina (Argo, The Mindy Project) playing her dirtbag husband. So watch, enjoy, sing along, witness Messina get it on in a bar bathroom, and learn some coping techniques from Agron.

okay but who the fuck would ever cheat on dianna agron

I read somewhere that HeMo was really disappointed in the finale but I couldn't find the actual interview so I don't know her reasons, have you seen it and/or got the source?

hmm i dont remember seeing anything about it but it definitely wouldnt surprise me.  that show is such a wreck. i feel like all the actors know it too but cant just come out publicly bashing the show because obviously that wouldn’t fly with RIB/fox

@ItsSkylerShaye #TBT when we did a talk show in pajama’s @NayaRivera @elizabethhuett

@ItsSkylerShaye #TBT when we did a talk show in pajama’s @NayaRivera @elizabethhuett

Also why were they never in NY together? They said they'd go when they got back! You wouldn't just leave your gf behind and expect her to find her own way after you've pissed off to do an advert WITHOUT TELLING HER. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.

i’ve literally given up trying to make any sense of that show

If I can jump on into the season 5 finale debate, like what were the writers thinking??? Why would Brittana not know where the other one was? It is the biggest fuck up I've ever seen. Do you know if they've been confirmed to be back & TOGETHER for season 6? :(

at this point i don’t think anything is really confirmed for season 6. honestly as much as i love seeing them on screen together i hope theyre not on the show too much this last season because on glee there seems to be a direct relationship between the amount of time a character has on screen and the amount the writers manage to fuck that character up. (but then again the writers also manage to fuck up characters who arent on screen for long at all… sooooo)  basically i just want to keep my babies safe and far, far away from RIB and co.!

My question is where are they living? Are they at Naya's house or his? Does he even have a house

Umm I’m not really sure. I don’t really know anything about him and certainly not his previous living arrangements… I imagine they’re probably living in her house?? Maybe??